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Popular gossip among young holiday makers has it that Mykonos is the new Ibiza, and having visited here I must say that the gossip is true! If you like beach clubs, amazing food and dancing outside, this is the place to be. The beach parties start early so you can chill on the beach, have some cocktails and slowly start dancing into the night. I fell in love with Mykonos and its laidback atmosphere. These are my personal favourites, from my experience with beach clubs in Mykonos!

+ Alemàgou, Tarsanas Beach

For good vibes and a no-nonsense athmosphere, Alemàgou is the beach club to visit in Mykonos. When you are here you feel like you’re in a nouveau – Bohemian style heaven. The cute corners, the chic but hippie style of decoration and beautiful people dancing on bare feet create a wondrous atmosphere. Alemàgou is an all day beach club with great tunes to set the mood from early afternoon until late after sunset. Food-wise, think Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean. Greek food with a fresh twist; super tasty and healthy!

Sunset at beach club alemagou

+ Scorpios, Paraga Beach

The sunset here is amazing. There is even a special sunset beach terrace where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset from your wooden cabana. Every day at 18.30 the Sunset Rituals start to power up the energy. Beach club Scorpios is built on a cliff which means you avail of great views but you can’t swim in the sea (unless you walk down!). My recommendation is go in time for the sunset, dinner and party. Scorpios has an amazing energy and even better parties!

Scorpios in Mykonos

+ Kalua, Paraga Beach

At this side of Paraga Beach it’s possible to swim. Trust me, on hot days the Aegean sea is your best friend. Most of the bartenders at Beach club Kalua have trained in London and as a result you are served up the best possible cocktails ever. Sip on cocktails for the afternoon, swim, eat and then go next door to Scorpios in time for the Sunset Ritual.

Sunbeds at Kalua Beach club

Prices in Mykonos are quite high but nevertheless it’s worthwhile going. I found the beach clubs in Mykonos much more classy and enjoyable then Ibiza. If you like high end parties in a Bohemian style, this is the island to visit.



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