A girl should always dream……


Wine region in California

Why? Wine, wine and more amazing wine.

The Restaurant Meadowood

Fine dining in Napa Valley

This place has 3 Michelin stars and the 11 course meal must be heaven!

 Trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest In Nepal

Either from Tibet or Nepal.


Klooster op een hoge klif in Bhutan

Because this place is still so pure and mountainous. Monasteries and the Bhudist culture just intrigues me.

Safari in Africa

Baby Lion in Africa

To see the big five of life!

Pig Island, Bahama’s

Swimming wild pigs

Who doesn’t want to swim with these cuties.

Burning Man

View dessert Burning Man USA

To dress up all week in a dessert, so cool.

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