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For those who do not know what easy riders means… This is just another cool way to get around. A lot of people choose to travel on the overcrowded busses with sometimes maniac drivers. After one experience of this I looked for alternative options. That is where I came across the answer: easy riders. Hop on the back of a motor cycle for a few days and decide where you want to get dropped off, easy does it!

+ No need to find easy riders in Vietnam, they find you

Nha Trang is a beach town in Vietnam. After being in the cold North of Vietnam I decided to stick around for a couple of days. As always I was travelling solo but in South East Asia there is no need to worry about that because you will meet dozens of people. At the beach I bumped into a few girls I met in the weeks before and there you go… new friends were made.

We all felt like going on an easy riders trip for a couple of days. It seemed very cool and just something different to taking a bus or plane. Mr. Bang was the man where I booked the trip. In every travel agency this type of tour is offered but I found Mr. Bang on the street. After talking to him a couple of times I decided to just go ahead and book the tour. He called two of his motor buddies and the adventure with easy riders Vietnam started! Of course if you are very brave you can rent your own motorcycles but we didn’t feel ready for that challenge.

The grils in a photo with three Vietnamese easy riders

+ Driving from Nha Trang to Dalat

It was a two day trip and I would recommend not more than 3 days as sitting on a motorbike is quite exhausting. Along the way Mr. Bang and his friends made a few stops. Mr. Bang turned out to be a good tour guide and took us to a harbour to see fisherman at work, a brick farm, coffee farm and he made enjoyable stops along the way with great views and local food. I remember sitting on the back of the bike listening to music and just taking in the landscapes. The feeling of freedom and joy were overwhelming.

At night we stayed in a wooden cabin. Probably not the best night I had in terms of sleep but the view from the cabin after waking up was priceless. As soon as I opened the door an elephant was passing by, wow!

Elephant passing by the cabin in the morning

It’s not about the destination it’s about the ride.

After a good breakfast with bread and eggs it was time for day two on the road with the easy riders. Passing through small villages, making pit stops and watching the people working on the land was for me the highlight. Normally you rush by in a bus so the fact that I had this freedom to stop and take in the atmosphere was for me an important extra experience.

By the end of the afternoon we reached Dalat. This city is quite high (1500 meters) and it has a lot of French influences. The Eifel tower in Dalat is actually a radio tower whereas the holiday homes are built in the French-colonial style. Suddenly you get the feeling you’re in a European town. When I found out that Dalat produces wine I was in heaven. Finally after weeks of beer some good wine, a touch of class to finish with!

a man carrying gras in the field, easy riders Vietnam tour





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