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You can’t visit Botswana without exploring the Okavango Delta. The best way to do this is of course by mokoro boat. I wanted the full experience and went for the overnight Okavango Delta mokoro trip. I hear you thinking, what is a mokoro? Well, this is a type of canoe made by hollowing out the trunk of either the Ebony or Kigelia tree, and it is used in the Delta to float through the shallow waters. The mokoro is pushed along by standing in the stern while pushing through the water with a pole. The best part, there is no motor which means there is complete silence!

with mokoro boat through the Okavango delta

Maun as your Gateway

I stayed in Maun which is the gateway to the Okavango Delta. Maun is a quiet town where you can relax for a couple of days and plan your trips into the delta or one of the national parks. After doing some research I found Mosu Safari Tours which offers ‘luxury’ camping in the delta. Why did I book this tour operator? Well, they offer a chef! Who doesn’t want to have good food while camping in the middle of nowhere. My cooking skills are not the best, therefore this tour sounded like a dream!

sunset view in the Okavango delta, blue waters and clear sky

Off with the mokoro boat into the Delta

After a one and a half hour drive I reached the mokoro station in Morutsa. The water is very shallow and you can float through the high reeds, sit back, enjoy the silence and soak in the beauty of the Okavango Delta.

preparing the mokoro boat to sett off into the deltaPreparing the mokoro’s to set off from mokoro station.

Setting up camp deep into the Delta

After reaching Chanxana, one of the many inhabited islands in the delta, it was time to set up camp. This tour is ideal for the lazy traveller because all the gear is arranged for you. I even got a little hand towel on my pillow, almost like sleeping in a hotel! The camp offered a fire for cooking, a tent, an outdoor shower (with hot water) and a separate toilet. Welcome home!

Tent is ready in the Okavango Delta

Bush walks and solo sailing

Of course, I had to learn how to steer a mokoro. After lunch and a little nap I was ready for my lesson! It is a good way to give your arms a work out and still your mind. Just you, the Okavango Delta and the mokoro…..

selfie in the mokoro boat between the high green grass

The guide took me around the island during sunset and sunrise. I could see a few giraffe and zebra in the distance. It was quite interesting to come across an elephant bed. They make it comfortable for themselves with grass and my word is it big!

the bed of an elephant made of gras and sand

Every step on the way was just beautiful. Being in the Delta  with the sounds of  hippos in the background and the beautiful colours of the sun, stunning!

sunrise colors over the grassy delta

Last but not least; the food!

Lastly, we can’t forget about the food. The chef prepares the most amazing local dishes on this small fire in the middle of the camp. A full three-course dinner was waiting for me after the bush walk. The chef goes the extra mile to make sure you are properly fed. What about breakfast? Well, think of fruit, cereal and yoghurt plus an omelette with bacon … such a great way to kick off the day.

the chef preparing lunch

It was time to pack up and return to the mokoro station. My ride was waiting for me for the next exciting destination into the wild! Read more about my adventure in the bush sleeping between wild lions.



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