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Johannesburg is a vibrant city in South Africa. It’s also used as a gateway to the Kruger National Park or better put, ‘the bush’. It was the start of an eight-day self-drive trip throughout the north of South Africa all organised by TUI. With a busy week coming up, The Peech Boutique Hotel was just what I needed. A place of tranquillity in the busy city of Johannesburg.

The lush garden is the heart of The Peech Boutique Hotel

As soon as you enter you are struck by the relaxed atmosphere which surrounds the hotel. I felt instantly at home (or had that something to do with the champagne bar that I spotted next to the lobby, who knows?). The flourishing green garden is, without a doubt, the heart of this hotel and all 16 suites and bedrooms offer beautiful garden views from the balcony or patio.

The lush garden at Peech Boutique Hotel

Bathrobe and bubbly wine time

Inside the room, you will find the most comfortable bed you will ever come across. The modern-chic room style makes you want to stay inside and that is exactly what I did! The staff really go the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need. Breakfast, lunch or dinner can be served in your room. I felt like spoiling myself and this turned into a bathrobe and bubbly wine session.

Bubbels at The Peech Boutique Hotel

The Peech Boutique Hotel has a champagne bar!

My plan to go into the city for dinner was wiped off the cards as soon as I saw the restaurant’s menu. The menu offers simple but chic dishes made with fresh ingredients, some of which are grown in their own vegetable garden. To start your evening, join the other guests for a pre-dinner drink at the in-house champagne bar (if you don’t want to drink bubbles in your bathrobe that is!). The restaurant is just like the rest of the hotel; chic but cozy with a tranquil atmosphere.

Champagne bar at the peach boutique hotel

Last word of advice.  Whatever you do, don’t miss breakfast at The Peech Boutique Hotel! The Egg Florentine with avocado and salmon was just outstanding. When I return to Johannesburg I will know just the place to go: The Peech Boutique Hotel is truly a little paradise.





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