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Driving the prosecco wine route is an ultimate wine lover’s dream. Me and my little old vintage car Betsy drove from Amsterdam to the Conegliano Valdobbiadene region to start the prosecco adventure. Do you know this region is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site? Another fact, a bottle produced and bottled in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene region has a DOCG label which stands for the highest quality of prosecco guaranteed. Those days of accidently buying bad wines are over! I listed the best spots to eat, drink and sleep for your most Iconic prosecco wine route experience!

View across the prosecco vines

+ Iconic wineries to visit along the prosecco wine route

Vines in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene region grow on steep limestone hills, and these producers receive the DOCG label. Vineyards in wider flat areas of Veneto and Friuli are labelled Prosecco DOC. To be clear, DOCG is the top quality of prosecco guaranteed! So how are DOCG prosecco wines guaranteed? The producers association controls the production and certifies the wine. A numbered label is provided for each bottle that guarantees its authenticity.

Toasting with prosecco at the prosecco wine route

La Tordera – Prosecco wine route

This eco-sustainable winery puts great care in the production of their prosecco wines. All the vines are privately owned to ensure quality and all grapes are handpicked.

La Tordera offers a wide range of prosecco styles. There is a sweetness level available for every preference! If you like super dry wines with a little bit of sugar – go for the BRUT style. EXTRA DRY has between 12 and 17 grams of sugar and the sweetest ones are called DRY – with between 17 and 32 grams.

Prosecco tasting at la Tordera

Ca’ Salina – Prosecco wine route

This family owned business has a real Italian feel to it. I had the honour to do a tasting with Mr. Gregorio Bortolin himself. The tasting room has beautiful views across the vines. Beside the Prosecco DOC and DOCG, they offer Vino Spumante! This is a sparkling rosé made from Incrocio Manzoni 13.0.25, this is a rare variety that started out in the 1920’s. If you are on a diet, this one has only 1 gram of sugar, saluti!

prosecco tasting at Ca Salina at the prosecco wine route

Col Vetoraz – Prosecco wine route

Col Vetoraz produces only Valdobbiadene DOCG wines! Which means only the steep slopes are used to grow the Glera (prosecco) grape. Try the Millesimato dry, this prosecco is fruity, elegant and has hints of floral notes. This is a wine to serve for a toast at parties! Do not forget, a prosecco must be served well chilled between 6-8 degrees celcius.

prosecco tasting bar at the prosecco wine route

Nani Rizzi – Prosecco wine route

This place is gorgeous! I did a tasting of three different proseccos outside on the deck in a lounge chair while soaking up the sun. This family business has been going since 1887. Prosecco is made using the Charmat methode. The second fermentation is done in pressurised stainless steel tanks and bottled under pressure. My favourite, Valdobbiadene Superiore Sparkling Wine Extra Dry! On the nose it has fresh green apple and peach – the palate has notes of citrus, apple, pear and toast!

prosecco tasting on the lounge deck

Cantina Bernardi – Prosecco wine route

I loved that Cantina Bernardi has a very homey feel to the tasting area. Very interesting, they produce also still white wines, red wines and passito, a dessert wine! Grapes are dried indoors for 4 months to concentrate sugars. Afterwards grapes are softly pressed and fermented at a low temperature in steel tanks. As for prosecco goes, I went for the Brut which is great for an apperativo matched with light appetizers!

Laidback prosecco tasting at the prosecco wine route

+ Iconic restaurant – Prosecco wine route

Osteria Senz’oste

This is by far the most awesome restaurant where I have been in my life! Why? This place runs itself without any staff present. It is great!

self service restaurant

The views are just fantastic and there are cute seats up and down the hill where you can enjoy some food and prosecco. All you have to do is go inside the tiny shop, get what you want and pay at the self running cashier. You can say this place runs on trust! This is a must go and see…

view of Osteria Senz’oste

Trattoria Ristoro Fos de Marai

Do you prefer a cooked meal with actual staff working at the restaurant? This is your top pick along the prosecco wine route. Again, the views are mignificant! Make sure to go for lunch because you will not want to miss the scenery across the vines.

Trattoria Ristoro Fos de Marai for lunch with vineyard views

This place takes Italian home cooked meals to the next level. Are you a meat lover? Try the meat from the open charcoal-fired grill. All products used are local and fresh. You will also love the very fair prices at the end of your lunch, buon appetito!

+ Iconic Sleep – Prosecco wine route

Agriturismo al Credazzo

This small scale family business has so much charm! It has a beautiful setting in the middle of the geographical area called Alta Marca Trevigiana. Between the hills and steep slopes with vines are a lot of abbeys, sanctuaries and churches to be found.

sunset along the prosecco wine route

Such a great thing, if you are a guest you get a tour through the vineyard and a visit and prosecco tasting at their own cellar – Cantina Vic!

prosecco cantina vic for prosecco production

I was lucky to experience it all. This family has so much passion for their prosecco, food and agriturismo! During the tasting I got to try some of the smoked sausages they also make. I am a big fan of the prosecco that went through the second fermentation in the bottle (instead of the pressurised tank). This is how they used to make prosecco back in the day!

Agriturismo al Credazzo between. the prosecco vines

Book yourselve in for dinner as well. You are in for a proper Italian 3-course dinner treat with a bottle of prosecco included, bellisimo!



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