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As a female solo traveller you sometimes need to watch your back and be able to stand up for yourself, especially in ‘macho’ culture countries.  It’s part of life especially if you’re young and blond. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop me or you for exploring the world. Traveling to Japan alone was just a whole new experience! This is the only place in the world I allowed myself to let all my guards down. Read here about why traveling to Japan alone is the best.

high building in electric district Tokyo

+Number one by far –  the Japanese people

One reason why travelling to Japan alone is the best is its people! I have never met such friendly, modest, honest and helpful people as in this country. I literally travelled all over Japan. People are interested in you and like to strike up conversations which is always lovely when you are by yourself. If they see you struggling with luggage, men and women offer to lend a hand.

The Japanese people are very polite. If you accidentallyh bump into someone they will say sorry.  Huh?! I’m so used to angry looks or swearing. If you need directions don’t be surprised if the person helping you walks with you for about fifteen minutes to make sure you get to your destination. Really, who does that these days? They are beautiful people.

singing karaoke tin Tokyo with Japanese couple

This picture is taken with a Japanese couple who started talking to me. We ended up drinking beer and singing karaoke. Amazing! .

+Traveling to Japan alone is the best for eating out

Dinner time is probably not always fun while travelling solo. I dislike it if people stare at you, assuming you are ‘so sad exploring the world by yourself and eating alone’. Hell no, I love a romantic dinner for one while treating myself to a nice glass of Chardonnay. Being alone has a power that very few people can handle but in this country, it’s very common to eat out by yourself. Most restaurants have a bar where you all sit next to each other. Some even have their own booths so you can enjoy a meal in peace. If you really want some company, there are places where you can sit across a stuffed animal. Not alone after all! Everything is possible in Japan, especially in Tokyo.

Eating boot for solo dinner

+ Sleep for one please!

Travelling to Japan alone is also affordable, due to the Capsule Hotels all around Japan. It is basically a mini room with a bed, lights and sometimes a televison! It feels like your own little domain. The bathrooms are shared, but just as with the rest of Japan, everything is very clean. Of course, there are many hotels but if you don’t want to spend a fortune then this is your best bet!

room of a capsule hotel in Tokyo

+ Traveling to Japan alone is the best for SAFETY

Need to leave your laptop on the table in a café while you use the restroom? No problem! Forgot to lock your rented bike? All good. I have never felt as safe as in I did in Japan. Not only were my valuables safe, but I didn’t have to worry about my own safety either. One night a man approached me in an alley as it was raining and he gave me his umbrella! My views of Japan being safe are not unique.  Japan is known world wide for being a safe country. It’s such a relief to be able to be off guard for a while and not have to deal with people who need something from you. This was really refreshing!

Small alley in golden GaiDon’t avoid small alleys in Japan this is were the coolest little bars are to be found. This picture is taken in Golden Gai, Tokyo.

Traveling to Japan alone is the best and I would recommend it to anyone! You will be in for many surprises along the way. The nature, food, culture and karaoke are just a few other Japanese delights.

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