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You may not believe it but yes, in The Netherlands we have excellent vineyards. I’m used to exploring the ones in hot destinations but in our relatively colder climate it’s also possible to produce wine, and good ones too! If you are going to the south make sure to spend a weekend in Maastricht. This city is very beautiful and has a lot to offer. Especially food and wine wise!

+ Apostelhoeve

I rented an OV bike at Maastricht central station. With a bike it’s easy to get around and you can get to the vineyards easily. It takes only 15 minutes to cycle to Jekerdal where Apostelhoeve is located. You will be amazed by the natural beauty on the way there. I felt like I was in France instead of in my own country!

Cycling to the vineyard

The Apostelhoeve is the very first vineyard in the Netherlands and was established in 1970. The four different grapes produce six dry white wines and two sparkling wines. If you book the tour then you get to see the cellars and the vineyards and the tour ends with a tasting. I just did the tasting and bought a few bottles to bring home. Pinot Gris is a good choice!

Vineyard Apostelhoeve

+ Hoeve Nekum

The route to the next vineyard is very easy. You just cycle downhill and there it is, Hoeve Nekum! We found out that the owners of both vineyards are related to each other. You could argue that Apostelhoeve is the more elegant, but on the other hand Hoeve Nekum has its very own charming character. The owner was very friendly and gave enthusiastic in depth explanations about the wines. Not only do they have white wine but also red and rose made from the Pinot Noir grape. The tasting room is quite small but gives you the idea that you’re sipping wine in a cosy living room. I was lucky to try the wines without having made a reservation but normally you would have to book this in advance.

Vineyard Hoeve Nekum

To end the day I would recommend you cycle to Château Neercanne. This stunning castle is from the 17th century and the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine with a cheese platter while overlooking the baroque gardens. Such a perfect day!

Loes at Chateau Neercanne, Maastricht



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