Loes doing grape harvest

Hi, thank you for visiting my blog. Let me introduce myself, I am Loes (34) a travel addict, wine specialist and a huge foodie. I spent nine years travelling the world as a stewardess. I started blogging for the travel organisation TUI to share stories about the life of Loes the stewardess.

I made a huge decision four years ago! I quit my fulltime job to follow my dream, to travel the world and to experience complete freedom.

My passion for wine has grown over the years so I decided to specialise in wine with the WSET Level 3 course in South Africa.

Life is too short to drink bad wine, so I am here to help… It is my mission to find the best small scale wineries off the mainstream path!

I also enjoy the nature unique to each location and do various cool activities at each destination. My ultimate goal is to inspire you to come out and travel to these places and to create your own iconic moments.



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