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Château La Grande Etouble – Le Garagiste – Bordeaux

Wines from chateau la grande etoubleVins de garage was a small group of elite winemakers back in the day who produced top quality wines on a small scale. The winemaker would be called, garagiste. 

Ben & Gill keep the name of the movement alive with Le Garagiste. The most important thing for these wines is that the taste from the terroir and grapes are found in your glass.  A lot of hard work and passion goes into these unique Bordeaux wines.

Merlot & Cabernet Franc grapes are used to make these fruity, very smooth and beautifully balanced wines. Did I mention they will be certified organic in 2021? Also, some of the Le Garagiste wines were recently mentioned in Forbes!

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Château De Côts – Bordeaux

tasting room at chateau de cotsThis château was an early adaptor and has been making wine organically since 1999. Great news, they are also official biodynamic certified from the 2020 vintage forward.

These complex wines are made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Merlot grapes. I tasted the wines from 1999 up until 2015. What I can say is, all these wines are very expressive on the nose and pallet. The vibrant red fruit flavours are still present in the wine after a decade! It is an energetic wine which develops beautifully into tertiary flavours over the years. Check out the publication in Forbes about this château!

Find more information about Château de Côts here.

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