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Macedonian wine is NOT yet so well known. A funny fact is that there has been over 3000 years of wine growing in this country. Where to find the best wines? This is in the central part Tikves. The rich, fertile soil and great weather (around 300 sunny days) plus the hills in this region make it the perfect spot to grow grapes. I went on a Macedonian wine mission and found these 3 x amazing wineries in the Tikves region.

The vines of North Macedonian wine

Credits: Tikves Winery

Tikves winery – Macedonian Wine

This winery is the biggest in North Macedonia and the whole of South East Europe. Tikves owns 20 percent of the vineyards. The other 80 percent is sourced from 1500 private farmers. I love the fact that they provide a living for 1500 families in the area! There are 6 wine lines which includes a type of wine for every budget and taste.

A worker in the vineyards of north Macedonia

Credits: Tikves Winery

I fell in love with the special selection! All the grapes are hand-picked and only the best ones are used. Did I mention they work with the famous French winemaker consultant, Phillipe Cambie? Another must experience is the fine dining restaurant. I have so many good things to say about this winery that I dedicated a full blog post about Tikves Winery & restaurant. A must read for every food & wine lover out there!

The tower of Popova Kula Winery

Popova Kula Winery – Macedonian Wine

The name Popova Kula originates from the Priest’s tower that was located on the property. A very long time ago was this the checkpoint for the old roman road. The winery rebuilt this tower in honour of the great history. Nowadays it serves for bridal parties and wine tastings.

The priest tower from old roman times at Popova Kula winery

I absolutely loved the property, it is very picturesque! It offers a hotel, restaurant and an outside bar with views around the vines and valley. Another amazing fact, this winery is the only winery in the whole world that grows the Stanushina grape! I loved the Vranec wine that spend around 6 months in the barrel. It had a slightly deeper and fuller taste of blackberry notes as the ones without aging.

View from the balcony Popova Kula winery in North Macedonia wine

Happy days, I spend the night in Popova Kula winery which was incredible. I loved sitting on the balcony and watching the vines in front of me while sipping a glass of Vranec red wine. Just a perfect ending of my Macedonian wine exploring day!

The historic garden of Royal Winery Queen Maria in North Macedonian wine area

Royal winery Queen Maria – Macedonian Wine

I found this winery by accident but what a find! This winery started in 1928 when King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic of Yugoslavia bought the property to start making wine for the royal family. He named the winery after his wife Maria and build her a gorgeous villa. Villa Maria is still there in its original state!

House of Queen Maria at the Royal winery Queen Maria in North Macedonia

The present owners decided to keep the royal tradition going. They continued to make wine on this beautiful estate. Nowadays there is a hotel with luxury rooms, apartments, a restaurant, a wine bar & an amphitheater.

Barrels from 1928 at Royal Winery Queen Maria

I love that they still use the old barrels from 1928. This is a winery that just breathes history. Unfortunately, I could not taste any wine because I was ill. An insider told me that the Cabernet Sauvignon is the best of all! I will definitely be back one day to experience a royal stay and try out all the royal wines!

Also check out the full blog post about the oldest winery in North Macedonia -> Tikves Winery.










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