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Valle de Guadalupe has been nothing but a pleasant surprise to me! Coming from Europe I just never thought that there was such a thing as Mexican wine but I was terribly wrong. Valle de Guadalupe is in Baja California which borders California in the USA. This is the hidden gem of all wine areas. Think of a rocky dessert with incredible wineries and gourmet restaurants with stunning views. It was time to expand my wine horizon and explore the best unknown wine region: Valle de Guadalupe!

tasting wine while overlooking the vineyard

+ Iconic wineries to visit in Valle de Guadalupe

Hacienda Guadalupe – Valle de Guadalupe

This is one of the best places to stay in Valle de Guadalupe! Not only do they have an astonishing hotel in the authentic Mexican Hacienda style but they have their own winery & barrel room. The house wines are called Melchum. I did the tasting on the terrace of the restaurant which has direct view on the vines and the valley. This spot is just perfect! There are five reds, one white and one rosé. A small production but attended with a lot of love and attention. I enjoyed the reds the most with the El Caporal 2017 as an absolute winner!

sample of four different wines at Hacienda Guadalupe

Note: Wine tastings on the restaurants terrace are only (an option) after closing hours of the winery. When I was staying in Hacienda Guadalupe the winery was under construction but believe me it looked promising. You won’t be disappointed with the brand-new barrel room opening in upcoming spring!

Lechuza – Valle de Guadalupe

This beautiful and intimate winery is something special. The owners are very down to earth and do everything themselves. Lechuza is famous for their oaked chardonnay which was one of the best I tasted in the valley. Do you know the 3 Michelin star restaurant the French Laundry? Well, Lechuza is also on their wine list. Make sure to book a wine tasting ahead!

Rose wine on the winery of Lechuza

Concierto Enológico- Valle de Guadalupe

Luis is a very passionate man who returned to Baja California to make his dream come true. Concierto Enológico was born in 2011 and Luis runs it together with his beloved family. I love that all the wines are named after music and concerts. This winery did remarkable things in only a few years of existence! Pauta is a blend of Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Barbera and Garnachawhich which won silver in a Paris wine competition. Forza & Obertura won silver in Concourse Mondial de Brussels. Amazing!

the building of concerto enologico in the desert

I experienced here my first wine tasting in an underground cave and absolutely loved it. I voted Pauta and Gran Concierto a big 10 plus! Gran Concierto is made from Pinot Noir and was oaked for 24 months. There are only a few cases bottled of this wine so if you can get your hands on one please do. You will not regret it!

Wine tasting in the basement of Concierto Enologico

Vena Cava – Valle de Guadalupe

Have you ever seen a winery made from recycled boats? This is your chance! The architect did an amazing job. Boats are turned upside down to have the purpose as a roof. There is an outside bar area with beautiful views over the valley. Not only is the whole property stunning but the wines are fabulous too. My favorites are definitely the reds. Don’t leave without trying their Tempranillo, Big Blend and the Reserva. Don’t feel like leaving? Great news, you don’t have to! There is a luxury hotel and a restaurant for a fine wine and dine experience.

Bar area which overlooks the wine valley

Finca La Carrodilla – Valle de Guadalupe

Finca La Carrodilla decided to do things differently. They are a certified organic winery and made the first organic wine in Mexico. It’s a 100 % Syrah named Árbol and is truly delicious! The tasting area is beautifully located on the outside deck which overlooks the vines. And it gets better! They offer homemade cheese platters from their own animals on the property. Enjoy!

Cheese platter in Finca la Carrodilla

Las Nubes – Valle de Guadalupe

What a scenery! Las Nubes is situated on the top of a hill and that adds up to the tasting experience outside on the terrace. There are three tasting options; Classic, Reserve or the Premium. I would choose either Reserve or Premium if you like an older wine with some body. The Nebbiolo grape is one of the best in this region and is very rich, aromatic and full bodied. I didn’t want to leave after the tasting so I ordered a glass of Nimbus to enjoy the view. This is a soft wine with a very smooth aftertaste. Salud!

360 view from the terrace of Las Nubes winery

Adobe Guadalupe – Valle de Guadalupe

I really started to appreciate the Nebbiolo grape in this region. Adobe Guadalupe has a Nebbiolo / Cabernet Sauvignon wine which is exquisite. A robust and round mouth-feel wine with a long lasting smooth aftertaste is for me always a winner! They have an all year-round food truck outside the tasting room. Excellent to lay some ground before moving on to the next winery.

picture with wine tasting and a dog of the winery

Tres Mujeres – Valle de Guadalupe

I stumbled on this little winery quite by mistake but I was so glad I did. This is the hidden gem in Valle de Guadalupe. Entering the tasting room/cave feels more like entering the set of the hobbits. Don’t expect a broad range of wines because there are only two reds, both lovely. You don’t want to skip this artisanal winery that’s for sure!

enter the wine cave of Tres mujeres winery

Wine festival – Valle de Guadalupe

A wine festival/paella contest is organized each year at the end of the harvest season. For 40 dollars, you will have unlimited wine and paella, what else could you ask for! Basically, every winery in Valle de Guadalupe will attend to promote their wines. I went on a white wine hunt as most of the vineyards above just had amazing reds. I’m glad to share the following fabulous white wine additions with you, enjoy!

A big smile on my face on the wine festival in Valle de Guadalupe

Santo Tomas – Blanca México

Made of the Mission grape. A full bodied, fruity wine with a delicious rich aftertaste.

Pijoan – Silvana

A blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Muscatel. Easy drinking terrace wine. Nice and light!

La Lomita – Chardonnay

The Chardonnay spends eight months in oak and is bottled for 14 months. This wine has everything what a Chardonnay should have. Its rich, creamy but crisp and has a smooth finish.

Viña de Frannes – Legat

A 100% Chardonnay oaked in new French barrels for 3 to 5 months. Fruity and elegant.

+ Iconic stay – Valle de Guadalupe

Hacienda Guadalupe – Valle de Guadalupe

As I mentioned before, this is one of the best places to stay in Valle de Guadalupe! I spend one night in this luxury domain and I felt that I never wanted to leave. This hotel has all the modern comfort you need yet it still has the authentic ambience of a proper Mexican Hacienda. The rooms have stunning views across the valley and the beds… oh my god! This was the best sleep I had in a very long time while traveling.

view over the valley from the balcony of Hacienda Guadalupe

Another big bonus, they have a pool and Jacuzzi! After a day of wine tasting I could really appreciate taking a dip in some fresh water and reenergize for the wine & dine night to come.

Loes in the pool of Hacienda Guadalupe

Hotel Boutique Valentino – Valle de Guadalupe

Set up right on a rocky mountain you will find this epic boutique hotel. The colorful cabins are built above the ground to preserve the natural environment. After a long day of hopping vineyards, it was ideal to sit back with a nice bottle of wine and watch the sunset from the private terrace. Did I mention that you will have sublime panoramic views? That counts for every cabin! Inside you will find, yet again, a brilliant good bed. It is so important!

loes on the very comfortable bed of tHotel Boutique Valentino

I adored the little vineyard at the property. One of the staff members makes his own wine from the vines, love it! Breakfast is served just right beside the vines which makes me very happy.  There is also a bonfire spot on the property. The evenings can be chilly and what is more romantic than watching the stars while drinking a glass of excellent wine whilst getting cuddled up next to the fire. My stay here was absolutely one to remember.

Smelling a bright pink flower

+ Iconic restaurants in Valle de Guadalupe

Finca Altozano – Valle de Guadalupe

This is the place to be for lunch. Only regional products are used at Finca Altozano included beers & wines. If you need a wine break, there are also some excellent local breweries so make sure to try any of them at the restaurant. Share some starters as they are all good! I had as main the slow cooked beef which was unbelievable. After lunch take a little walk around the property and enjoy a glass of wine in one of the barrels. That’s right, you can sit in a massive barrel that overlooks the whole area around!

A large wine barrel as a terrace

Fauna – Valle de Guadalupe

When I think back to dining at Fauna, I just want to jump on a plane and fly back! This is a top-notch restaurant with some of the most inventive dishes I had in my life. They only serve Mexican cuisine but transformed into dishes you will never imagine eating. You never really know what they will serve but how cool is it to be surprised with every dish you get. That brings me to it, dining here means eating a nine-course dinner! I paid 200 dollars for two dinners, a bottle of wine and two gin tonics. For the quality of the food, ambience and service, that is not expensive at all. The chef used to work in a 3 star Michelin restaurant. Believe me, you need to go!

Overview of the restaurant of Fauna

Hacienda Guadalupe – Valle de Guadalupe

The restaurant is one of the greatest in the area and quite famous for its breakfast. That has not only to do with the super flavorful food but also the setting. Who doesn’t want to wake up with eggs cooked to perfection together with some mouthwatering Guacamole. While looking at the vines you can start planning your wine tasting day.

The vines and restaurant of Hacienda Guadalupe

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