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Wine is my thing and sleeping at a vineyard is my ultimate dream! This dream came true at Val du Charron in Wellington, South Africa. During my tour around the Western Cape where I was looking for the best wines, I came across this estate and I fell in love. I realised at that moment that I had to come back for a full experience. Fortunately they offer accommodation, so I came back to this smaller wine and olive estate and it surprised me in many ways!

Val du Charron wine estate garden view

Look at that view!

The five-star rooms offer views that take your breath away. As soon as I walked in I was excited about the jacuzzi in the bathroom, but when the doors opened to the terrace I found something even more exciting; a private pool with vineyards and the Groenberg Mountain as backdrops. This lady was smiling, big time! Val du Charron knows how to please its guests because in the fridge was an ice cold Val du Charron Chardonnay ready to be opened. Within no time, I was sitting in the pool with a glass of surprisingly divine Chardonnay in my hand, while taking in the breathtaking surrounds.

drinking wine in the pool with magnificent views over the mountains

Steak or Pizza?

The good thing about Val du Charron is there is no need to leave! The estate offers two great restaurants. The last time I was there I tried the Pizza e Vino where I enjoyed the Melrose Arch pizza with chicken, avocado, feta, honey, cherry tomatoes and coriander. Now it was time for steak at The Local Grill.

the sign showing the way to the restaurant on the estateThere is a wide range of steak options. I love steak but I don’t know the different beef cuts. The Local Grill has a simple drawing of the cow, labelling the various parts. I went for the fillet rear and it was amazing! I know one would normally go for a red wine with steak but I loved the Chardonnay from the reserve collection so much I just couldn’t order anything else. This Chardonnay with underlying lemon and grapefruit flavours is crisp, full bodied and has a round aftertaste. This is one of the best Chardonnays I have ever had!

wine bottles in the steak restaurant of Val du Charron

A proper wine tasting at Val du Charron

What I love about Val du Charron is that wherever you are, there is always this amazing view in front of you. After breakfast on the terrace it was time for a tour! The winemaker, Paul, showed us the wine cellars and explained the whole wine making process. He is a very passionate winemaker and after hearing his story, I was thirsty! As it is always five o’ clock somewhere in the world and I was curious to taste the other Val du Charron wines, off I went.

breakfast on the terrace with beautiful view over the vineyards val du charron

Luckily for me, Val du Charron’s professional actress, also known as The Black Countess, had just arrived. Her job is presenting the Theatre of Wine. The Theatre of Wine describes the history of the Estate’s three wines. The three wines, namely Four White Legs, Pieter Erasmus-den Deen and The Black Countess are the three favourite blendings of the estate. I found The Black Countess to be the outright winner for the reds. The rich but fine taste makes this wine very special.

Interested in a simple wine tasting? The small but lovely tasting room is open from Tuesday till Sunday from 10.00 to 16.00, cheers!

wine tasting room in Val du Charron

Hotel & Spa paradise

Val du Charron offers five-star rooms, a presidential suite with an infinity pool and four-star luxury rooms. This place has romance written all over it. In between wine drinking and pool sessions you relax at the spa with a Swedish message. Val du Charron makes you feel like a king or queen. I can’t wait to go back to this hidden paradise in Wellington.

Luxury place Val du Charon vineyard




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  • Medha

    Actually, this is a great post because I’ve always wanted to stay in a vineyard but haven’t actually ever done it. I love the pictures, to be surrounded by such amazing nature and to wake up to those views must’ve been pretty awesome!

  • Rob Taylor

    This is precisely the type of escape I want to add onto our trip next year. We’ll have all the adventure and then spend a few days being classy and loving South Africa for the wine, beauty and food. Perfect.

    • Loes de Vreugd

      I promise you won’t regret going here!

  • Shaun

    Well this looks pleasant. Wine in South Africa is amazing and hospitality is tops too. Lucky you on marrying the two!


  • Suman doogar

    Nicely written, now all I wanna do it have some wine ?

    • Loes de Vreugd

      Haha don’t forget to try the Val du Charon Chardonnay, to die for!

  • Alicia

    Wow, this place looks amazing! I’m always down for wine and I also would love to visit South Africa in general so this really piques my interest! You’re right, those views are stunning! AND a spa w/ Swedish massages? Okay I need to go =P

  • Becca Talbot

    Wow! What a beautiful looking place! Definitely somewhere I could take hundreds of photos for my Instagram feed lol. I’ve never been to South Africa, but it’s on the list 😉 x

    • Loes de Vreugd

      Ohhh yessss I got a whole load of perfect IG pics from Val du Charon vineyards:)

    • Loes de Vreugd

      Ohhh yessss I got a whole load of perfect IG pics from that place!

  • amit

    Although I’m not a wine drinker this place seems amazing, I could definitely see myself lounging around here all day and just be taken away by that view 😀

    • Loes de Vreugd

      Its definitely a good spot for that as well! And who knows you do fall in love with the wine:)

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